Handmade quality

We will render your photographs and selections into beautiful oil paintings, using only the finest paints and canvas. Each painting is completely hand created, relying solely on the artist's technique with no use of any projective, transfer or computer aided techniques. We specialize in realistic, lifelike paintings from original photos.

Selecting Photographs
We recommend using professional photographs. If you would like to use a nonprofessional photo, please read this

You can order your custom painted portrait here.
Please do the following first:

Specify a canvas size. One figure is usually vertical, two or more are done horizontal. Indicate pictorial elements to be included (backgrounds, chairs, etc) Select head and shoulders, half body or full body pose. Specify additional subject(s) for group portrait. Two figures, for example, can be combined from separate photos.
Provide specific comments regarding cropping, elements to be excluded/included, color changes, eye colors, background colors or anything not clearly visible in the photo.
If you would like us not to use your finished portrait or fine art painting in our sample gallery, please notify us.

Sending photos:
We prefer digital photos, but also accept prints via mail. You can send any photo(s) using the following methods:

E-mail : You can simply attach your photo to an e-mail, and send it to:

Mail: Mail to: (We will return your photo at your request.)

36 Kings Crossing Ln.
Rockmart Georgia 30153

Please see a professional framer in your area. All portraits are shipped without frame.

We have 3 payment methods to choose from:

PayPal: Using your PayPal account you can send money easily. If you are not yet a member, you will also receive $5 for becoming a verified member.
Check our verification.

Mail Payment : Send check or money order payable to:

36 Kings Crossing Ln.
Rockmart Georgia 30153

50% Payment policy
We are so confident that you will love your finished portrait we are waiving the 50% policy. Once the final rendering is approved by you, only then will you be required to pay. At that time payment will be required in full prior to mailing the portrait to you

Prior to mailing your portrait, we will send you a digital photo for your review. This is your chance to suggest any changes.

If you are satisfied with the photo, we will then mail your unframed painting. If you are unsatisfied, please clearly state the reason for your dissatisfaction. We will address these concerns and send you a second proof with touchups for your approval. If we can not achieve your satisfaction after the third touch- up, you have the option of refusing the portrait, or request we continue until you are satisfied.

It is very common for artists to do touch ups of a portrait. You may find small details like eye color, hair length or jewelry that need to be clarified. We will touch up any area to your satisfaction.

Site Security
We outsource our transaction processing to companies specializing in secure payments. does not receive, store or maintain a record of customer credit card numbers. We provide the option of using a secure trusted payment company:


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